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Kansainvälinen Savusaunaklubi -
The International Smoke Sauna Club ry


- everyone may have the right to bathe in his / in her favorite sauna.
- all sauna bathers may come into the sauna friendly-minded.
disagreements, quarrels and mobile phones shall be left outside ear-shot.
- any impure thought, envy or vengefulness may not enter the sauna; Tolerance and open mind are welcome.


The building that the Finns call a Sauna was a chimneyless construction for at least the first thousand years. During the last century, however, Saunas with a chimney to allow the smoke go out of the building, were introduced and became more popular. Today the centuries old traditional type of Sauna has been given the name Savu- or Smoke Sauna. The vapor produced by throwing water on the hot stones in the stove - kiuas - has the genuine finnish name called  "LÖYLY."

For the Finns the Savusauna has always been an important place for bathing and recreation. The Sauna was the place where children were born, where the sick were cured and magic performed. The Sauna spirit was respected and feared.

However, one of the most important functions of the Sauna still is to provide a link between everyday work and celebration. Each home ends the working week with a Sauna bathing on Friday or on Saturday. Even the celebration of Christmas can not be started without visiting a well heated Sauna.

Original old Finnish Saunas, Smoke Saunas have made a come back, but very many Saunas have chimney or they are electrically heated. They are modern constructions with running water and other comforts. It is, of course natural that the external appearance of the Sauna has changed over the years, but, however, the spiritual content and meaning will always stay the same for generations to come.

Longer holidays and widescale construction of summer cottages have increased the interest in the Finnish Sauna culture and in particular the Smoke Sauna as a place for quality bathing. The interest has also grown because of the fact that it is not difficult to build a Smoke Sauna and often no outside help is needed. It is often said that bathing in an original Smoke Sauna is more relaxing than in modern types of saunas, and we in The International Smoke Sauna Club agree with that.

How to build it, how to heat it, how to bathe in it?

The instructions about how to build original Finnish Smoke Sauna can be found  at our homepage (later also in English).

Smoke Sauna is heated with thin wood starting the fire above the wood. Often heating takes several hours, but using effective fire place in one hour or so. After the heating, there is no smoke inside the sauna. Let sauna to balance for 30 min-1 h (siintyminen). Then the first steam is thrown to remove dust. Thereafter sauna is ready to enjoy.

However Savusauna is something special, something that cannot be truly understood without visiting it personally. It is an experience that is from an other world. Löyly, the warm steam raising from kiuas, the stove in the corner of the savusauna, feels like honey on the skin but also helps the soul. Löyly has several meanings in Finnic languages: "spirit; life; steam; breath; soul; person; vitality; a total new born".

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